Before games like World of Warcraft or Lineage… there was an age of richness and splendor, the spirit of which not even the most advanced 3D engine and graphic cards could truly render and capture.  It was the age of the text-only, multi-user dungeon game, and Nirvana is one of the few remaining original games left.

Nirvana is accessible via a simple Flash-driven Connect and Play page here. For those of you with Telnet functionality in your web browser, you can alternatively reach the game via this link – telnet://nirvana.beanos.com:3500/.

The game features an older-style LP multi-user dungeon, with large portions of the original village intact and built along an open theme.  There are well over 8,000 rooms to explore, and the game has been operating continuously since February 26, 1991.

Although the traditional “Dungeons and Dragons” fantasy theme is well represented in the game, wizards (creators) have no theme restrictions on the areas that they create. This creative freedom leads to a wide variety of realms for players to explore, including realms based upon well-recognized fictional settings as well as completely unique and imaginative realms.  Players can move from the primordial past, to medieval times, to the present, and well into the technology-driven future, simply by visiting different realms.

Many of the active players on Nirvana have played for a very long time.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions on the newbie channel and get help getting started.  Nirvana strives to be user-friendly and provide help to new players.  Extensive help files offer guidance to players, as well as providing easy access to Nirvana’s rules.   Please keep in mind that, although Nirvana welcomes all players and encourages open discussion between players, Nirvana is not responsible for the actions, statements, or opinions of players.  If any player has concerns regarding the actions or statements of another player or a wizard, there are rules and procedures available to address such situations, and the first step is to contact a wizard with those concerns.


A Quick Overview for Experienced MUD Gamers

  • Nirvana runs on a DR driver hosted on a Linux server. An LD conversion is underway but preservation of a “compat” feel is a high priority.
  • The original compat mode mudlib is still run, but has been extended greatly.
  • Player versus player combat is OPTIONAL and fully open PvP is enabled by setting your “PK” flag in-game.
  • Playing Nirvana is completely, unequivocally FREE. There are no shady “donations” or anything of that sort which will allow players to buy their way in with upgrades or the like.
  • The administration is friendly and comprised of a group of creative wizards who collectively have a cool and laid-back state of mind.